With the topic of healthy food in mind, Lila Burns, Gabby Datau, Jazmyn Faulkner and myself created a weekly pop-up shop in front of our school's cafeteria. For one month we offered homemade and alternative snacks for either a buck or a trade. We created advertisements, a publication that included the week's recipes and health benefits, product packaging, and of course, the goods.

Within the collective, we had a flat hierarchy amongst makers. We traded design jobs from week to week and shared all group responsibilities, such as creating the identity and roasting pumpkin seeds until midnight.

++++ P E R S O N A L C O N T R I B U T I O N S ++++
A double sided, folded publication about the gourd of all gourds, the pumpkin

Screen-printed postcards advertising our homemade banana and sweet potato chips!

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